Gyroscopic Load CellGyroscopic Load Cell


Mass Comparator


  • calibration and verification of standard weights in measurement offices
  • weighing of precious products, for example gold, uranium, etc.
  • batching of mixtures, for example in the pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, rubber and photo industries

Technical data

Rated capacity: 3,000 kg
Operating capacity: 1,000 kg
Scale interval: 1 g
Resolution: 1,000,000 d


Scale system for calibrating flow meters for gas pipelines


  • calibrating flow meters for gas pipelines
  • high preload compensation (tare)

Technical data

Rated capacity: 20,000 kg
Tare: 12.000 kg
Operating capacity: 600 kg
Scale interval: 50 g
Resolution: 240,000 d


Uranium Scale System


  • weighing uranium hexafluorid cylinders for production and inventory purposes

Technical data

Rated capacity 25.000 kg
Operating capacity: 20.000 kg
Scale interval: 1 kg
Selectable: 100 g
Resolution: 200,000 d


Scale system for calibrating flow meters for use with liquids


  • calibrating flow meters for use with liquids
  • high preload compensation (tare)

Technical data

Rated capacity: 40.000 kg
Operating capacity: 30.000 kg
Scale interval: 100 g
Resolution: 300,000 d


High-precision weighing of heavy loads with the gyroscopic measuring cell

  • High-resolution up to 1,000,000 divisions
  • Optimally suited for high tare preloads by use of hybrid technology
  • Highest accuracy ensured by frictionless and hysteresis-free weighing principle
  • Extremely resistant to wear and tear by displacement-free and hysteresis-free measurement
  • High measurement accuracy by comparison measurements

WÖHWA is the only supplier in the world of gyroscopic scales, which utilizes the principle of the gyroscopic measuring cell to permit highly accurate weighing of large masses from approx. 500 kg upwards. For this unique position WÖHWA can thank its founder, Josef Wöhrl, who developed the gyroscopic measuring cell in 1968. His invention has been further developed to achieve even higher accuracies.


The WÖHWA gyroscopic scale – unmatched handcrafted precision “Made in Germany”

The scale system works on the principle of the gyroscopic load cell. It has the design of a hybrid scale. The load is received by the weighing platform and transmitted to the load levers via so-called ball support bearings. The ball support bearing transmits the load vertically.

By means of a transverse lever and additional levers, the load is transmitted vertically to the gyroscopic load cell. To improve the load reception, the load levers are provided with two double-plate lever heads. This design guarantees a high bending and torsional stiffness. Pairs of knives and bearings are used for the load transmission between the levers. The perfect seating of the knives allows a precise load transmission.

A durable and perfect seating of the knives over their entire contact area is achieved by using welded levers. Knives and bearings are manufactured by WÖHWA from casehardened tool steel. Special manufacturing processes and test procedures guarantee a long service life and a high availability of these highly accurate platform scales.

The weighing platform is welded and has a stable and rigid design. The platform can be adapted to each customer‘s special requirements. For example, the high-accuracy scale can be equipped with a saddle for receiving cylinders or containers of various sizes. Such a saddle design allows the safe loading and weighing of different vessels.

The scale system is supplied with a mounting frame that allows perfect fixing of the corner bearings and traverse lever plates on the floor. The scale is assembled, adjusted and calibrated on site by an experienced WÖHWA engineer, who will also prepare the scale for the initial verification.